Our Story

Let me introduce you to the ladies behind the tents! Amanda and Britney are friends, neighbors, athletes and now entrepreneurs. When Amanda approached Britney with the idea of sleepover tents they both dove right in. 

How does it all work you might ask? Well, these two are like peanut butter and jelly… they just make more sense together. Amanda runs the website, handles all the booking, banking and organizes all the inventory. While Britney designs the parties, shops, sews and creates. They are driven, determined, unwavering and ready to make childhood a little bit more magical one sleepover at a time.

Amanda is a girl on the go. It’s a rarity to see her still. Her mind is always turning with new brilliant ideas and she has a desire to be pushed out of her comfort zone in order to grow. In her free time, she is the President of the local elementary PTO and has become an avid tennis player. She and her husband, Matt, live in Georgia with their daughter and 3 cocker spaniels.

Britney is a teacher at heart with a love for children. She tutors in reading for many students, runs a children’s book club and coaches a swim team in her area. She has a creative mind that is, on all occasions, trying to develop new and fun ideas. Britney is a passionate swimmer and has been most of her life. She and her husband, Brett, are high school sweethearts and after a long military journey now live in Georgia with their three children.