Between the Covers

Book Club

Creatively Designed Theme + Relatable Book = Most Fun Ever!

At Sweet Dream Campers we believe reading can be as magical as our sleepovers. We have designed a detailed plan for anyone to host a fun & creative book club meeting. 

All you need is to do:

1. Invite guests

2. Get the book

3. Encourage them to read the book

4. Book Between the Covers Book Club

We will come set up our theme related tents. Provide a detailed activity plan including all the materials for the crafts. Each guest will also receive a special treat to enjoy!


Fairy Dreams



Under the Rose Golden Moon, Happy Camper Tent package (3 Tents)

Supplies for the following Crafts:

Fairy Doors, Fairy Lantern & Pixie Dust Necklaces

Special treats to delight any Fairy

*Not included: Fairy Ponies, The Magic Necklace by Zanna Davidson

Additional tents are available. $60 each.